How Modern Technology Affects Students’ Learning Capabilities

Due to the increasing number of technological innovations each year, the learning capabilities and study habits of students have changed radically. Technology has led to a big difference in the way students study and learn.

These days, students can choose not to visit the library anymore instead use the internet for research. Study skills have become more varied too due to the influx of technological gadgets and ready information.

The World Wide Web

As mentioned earlier, the library was the go-to place for students when they wanted to find books for their studies and projects. Libraries are also a good environment for studying since they offer a quiet place to students to read without any disturbances. You can find study material such as encyclopedias and study guides like Cliff’s Notes.

However the Internet has made information more available for all students. We now have websites focused on a variety of subjects and articles ready for perusing.

Reference books are now scanned online while the majority of museums and university library web pages also offer information and academic journals that anyone can make use of. With just a few clicks, students can take in information and use websites for their studies and projects, whenever and wherever they may be.

Speed of information access

Students can now access information more quickly. They can find information by searching for keywords, which is quicker than sifting through a variety of reference books or encyclopedias.

These days, numerical calculations also make things faster by way of particular programs while making graphs and charts can be done in an instant.

Sharing of data

Data can now be distributed between teachers and students in more efficient methods. For example, a school can actually assemble an online gateway in which students can download the files they need or send them by way of emails.

Students can print the material out as requested. The teacher’s role has become broader as well; these days they are not only additional sources of information but they also play a role in guiding students in independent study by offering guides and suggested data sources.

Typing vs. writing down

Currently, students prefer to make use of their laptops or electronic notebooks to take notes rather than jot things down on paper because it’s faster and more convenient.

There are affordable laptop brands these days with student prices so they are more accessible. Microsoft Office’s PowerPoint application in fact has been a great help for students since the program allows students to learn principal concepts with visual aids and show what they have learned in class.


Studying has become easier because students nowadays can actually select to learn and in ways that they are more comfortable with.

Visual learners can make use of tutorials or watch documentaries on the Internet while some students might opt to download books instead. Plenty of college courses provide online laboratories as a segment of their coursework so students can study in the comfort of their own homes anytime they please.

The Disadvantages

While gathering information now is easy as pie compared to generations before us, getting distracted from work or studying has gotten way easier too due to modern technology. Students might get tempted all the time to talk to their friends through their phones or chat with them online while studying.

They may also be tempted to play online games or download songs, thus plenty of students at times are not capable of finishing their academic tasks and responsibilities on time.

Modern technology allows us to perform research faster and make things more straightforward. But this can also lead to procrastination. To prevent this, teachers should offer students with hard tasks and projects so they will be challenged and stay focused on their studying and learning skills.

By means of using a computer and the Internet, students can work with each other and pool resources to accomplish particular group tasks. They can also distribute notes and study items in order to help each other.

There is no denying the fact that modern technology can be a huge distraction while learning. But in order to curb those temptations and get things done on time, students need a good study skills progra and plenty of self-discipline.

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